Protect your production safely against electrostatics

We should get to know each other before the spark jumps!

ESD-Protect GmbH offers systems to avoid rapid electrostatic discharge or static charging in electronics processing productions. As a system house for complete ESD solutions, ESD-Protect GmbH supplies high-quality ESD products, individual advice, customer-oriented in-house developments and innovative industry solutions.

ESD (electrostatic discharge) represents a high risk in production. Even low charges can destroy components or damage them in such a way that they fail later in the field.

For us, system house is not just a catchphrase, for ESD-Protect it is a promise - a promise of holistic support and advice, we are at your side from planning to individual implementation.

Do you have any questions about setting up your EPA for the first time? We help you with the planning and advise you! Do you want to expand your EPA zone but do not know exactly how? We are at your side with individual solutions!

ESD protection is more important than ever

Protection against electrostatic discharge is becoming increasingly important and individual in manufacturing industries. Do you feel left alone by standard products because they do not fit into your concept or do not have essential, required features?

We understand the ESD problem and we understand your individual needs. That is why we develop needs-based ESD products and design effective ESD concepts in accordance with the IEC 61340-5-1 ESD standard. In close cooperation, we create our own products and supplements that are not available on the market in this form.

Our customers come from a wide variety of areas and industries (from individual workplaces to the automotive industry to aerospace) and the tailor-made solutions apply to a wide variety of departments - we will also find the right solutions for your requirements.

Tailored to you, individual and suitable, special and effective - the ESD-Protect promise.

Standard is not a solution for us ...

... we focus on innovations!


That is why our portfolio goes far beyond ESD products and extends to special services and innovative special solutions to protect your production and your products from ESD damage.

Individual demands call for innovative products and services.

ESD floor lacquer | ESD-compliant floor coatings

A conductive floor is the basis for a standard-compliant ESD protection area (EPA).

With the Dr. Schutz floor lacquer system, we can permanently protect these floors or make damaged floors conductive again.


Subsequent transparent ESD coatings

A highly transparent lacquer matrix in connection with intrinsically conductive polymers and pigments, like a transparent protective film, covers all surfaces to be protected, whether made of plastic, lacquered surfaces, wood or glass.


ESD plastics technology| ESD injection molding

  • Mold construction and series production of your plastic injection molded articles
  • ESD certification of your parts

Based on your product idea, drawing or sample, the experts at Reuth GmbH design the most economical injection mold for you.