New ESD personal tester

The EPA-Resist 8000 is the latest in-house development from the ESD system house ESD-PROTECT.

With its eight different test modes up to the safe checking of pregnant women and people with pacemakers, the device is the revolution in the field of EPA personal testers and offers the largest range of personal checks for entry into ESD zones. The integrated test unit does this very quickly. In this way, numerous employees can be checked via the test station in a short time. And completely paperless.

Due to the compatibility with almost all common RFID technologies, the access control is carried out without problems with the RFID chips already used in the company.

With three built-in relay outputs, three passages can be activated. In addition, the device can be expanded with additional test systems or accesses, so cascading is no problem.

Measured data is managed digitally and can be pushed to end devices via the internal network and processed there in the web interface. The EPA-Resist 8000 is installed without any software installation.

NEW: Shopping portal for business customers

The company account offers the option of creating several employees per company and assigning them budget limits.

  • Creation and administration of several employees
  • Employees can be assigned to different purchasing managers
  • The budget management enables purchasing control
  • Budgets can be set per employee and for different cycles (purchasing / day / month / quarter / year)
  • Control of orders through a defined approval process
  • Easy administration in the "My Account" area

TeraResist 8000

Next generation of the Teraohmmeter

- Break-down resistance measurement with graphic display
- Color touch screen display
- 4 fixed measuring voltages:

    10 V from 1 KΩ to 200 GΩ
  100 V from 100 KΩ to 2 TΩ
  500 V from 500 KΩ to 5 TΩ
1000 V from 1 MΩ to 10 TΩ

- Auto measurement voltage
- Timer function
- Internal memory for measurements
- USB interface


BGT Visio 600


Digital walking test with tablet PC


Visual walking test

High-precision electric field meter for walking test with display and archiving using a tablet

The measurements are shown directly on the tablet display using the software supplied.

The recorded data can be saved and archived as a measurement curve on the tablet.


ESD floor lacquer system | Floor coatings

The ESD paint system from Dr. Schutz

in cooperation with ESD-Protect

With the convenient special lacquer system, we offer you the option of permanently protecting your ESD floor from wear and tear or to make already damaged floors conductive again:

Permanently protect conductive floors with ESD-TOP-COAT:

  • receives the conductivity and measured value requirements
  • high abrasion and scratch resistance
  • high chemical resistance
  • significantly extends the service life of conductive floors
  • significantly reduces the costs of maintenance cleaning
  • Make worn ESD floors conductive again
  • with ESD-COLOR Base + ESD-TOP COAT

Initial situation:

  • The floor is badly worn with scratches and discoloration
  • The floor can hardly be cleaned
  • Soil no longer achieves sufficient conductivity values

Our solution:

  • Restoration of conductivity and measurement requirements according to IEC 61340-5-1
  • Elimination of the optical defects
  • Cost-efficient, significantly cheaper than a new floor
  • Suitable for partial renovation without shutdown (saves downtime costs)
  • Significant reduction in maintenance cleaning costs

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ESD plastics technology

ESD-certified injection molded parts according to your wishes

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