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Since we know about the urgent needs on individual solutions, we develop innovative ESD- measuring devices, personal testers, probes & entry systems.

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  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • and supplier industry
  • Aerospace
  • Medical technology
  • Mechanical engineering

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Individual demands call for innovative products and services.

ESD floor finish| ESD-compliant floor coatings

A conductive floor is the basis for a standard compliant ESD-protected zone (EPA).

The Dr. Schutz floor coating system offers to permanently protect these floors or make damaged floors conductive again.


Subsequent transparent and coloured ESD-coatings

A highly transparent lacquer matrix in conjunction with intrinsically conductive polymers and pigments, like a transparent protective film, attaches itself to all surfaces to be protected, whether made of plastic, lacquered surfaces, wood or glass.


ESD-plastics technology| ESD-injection molding

  • Mold construction and series production of your plastic injection molded articles
  • ESD certification on customized parts

Based on your product idea, drawing or sample, the experts at Reuth GmbH design the most economical injection mold for you.


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Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the charge balancing between two different electrostatically charged objects. This equalization takes place within a very short time. There may even be a visible sparking. In everyday life, such discharges often occur when taking off clothing, which mainly consists of plastic fibers. Or touching a metallic door handle after walking over a carpet with footwear having a synthetic sole.

ESD - an invisible threat

You cannot see, hear or feel ESD, only the damage is noticeable, but then it is already too late. As a result, the damaged electronic components due to ESD often fail later at the customers. This may lead to considerable risks and costs for the manufacturer and also for the end users of an electronic product.

People are main responsible

ESD-damage is primarily caused by human beings because they can absorb and hold high electrostatic charges (e.g. when walking over carpeted floors).

People only feel an electrostatic discharge (ESD) from approx. 3.500 volts and higher. However, about 30 volts are sufficient enough to destroy or damage sensitive semiconductor devices.

Since people feel their static charges too late usually, they are not aware of the danger they may expose to ESD-sensitive components.

The relative humidity also plays an important role. At low humidity people and insulating objects charge more than it is the case at a higher humidity.

Advantages of comprehensive ESD protection:

  • Increase in product quality
  • Avoid loss of image and trust
  • Compliance with industry-standard quality assurance standards
  • Compliance with worldwide standards and ESD-norms
  • Reduction of error rate and error costs
  • Reduction of default risks
  • Minimize product liability risks
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