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EPA - "ESD-Protected Area"
A special protection zone within the production

An ESD-protected zone (EPA) is an area in which electrostatic charges, which are often caused by static electricity, are prevented by using appropriate ESD-products.

In accordance with the current ESD-standard, the maximum permitted electrostatic charges in accordance with the human body model, are specified as 100 volts for ESD-protected zones.

This serves to protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can damage or destroy sensitive electronic components.

Electrostatic protected areas and single ESD-workstations are required in nearly the entire electronics- and semiconductor production.

Being used are e.g. dissipative floor- and table coverings, furniture, tools, packaging materials and ESD-clothing.

The human body is grounded at ESD-workstations by using an antistatic wrist strap. The grounding wrist strap ensures a defined conductive connection to earth, typically via an electrical resistance of one megohm.

Regularly standardized measurements and checks of the ESD-properties and leakage values ensure permanent protection against electrostatic discharge. We offer numerous test- and measurement equipment for this purpose.

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The EPA-checklist gives you a brief overview about the single points to consider in the EPA. A simple download enables you to print it out in order that you can post the list at your EPA.

Here you can download your personal checklist for the use at your EPA as PDF.
Monitoring in the EPA

The ESD-standard IEC 61340-5-1 stipulates that ESD-protection products such as antistatic wrist straps, ESD-shoes, ESD-clothing, work surfaces and floors should be monitored at regular intervals. For this reason we supply special ESD-measuring and ESD-testing devices.

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You can also rent special measuring devices from us before actually decide to buy.

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